SET Corporation Limited (hereafter referred to as “ the Company”) understands the importance of strictly
adhering to laws concerned with the protection of personal information. With this in mind, the Company
has laid out a “ Policy for the Protection of Personal Information” in order to protect and safely manage the personal information of its customers.

The Company recognizes customer specific information such as names, housing addresses, telephone
numbers, and email addresses as personal information, and strictly observes the laws and other regulations
relating to the protection of this information.
The Company handles personal information provided by customers for purposes falling within the range of
objectives listed below:
  • (1)The execution of customer sales contracts, maintenance contracts, consignment contracts, and other such agreements.
  • (2)To conduct analyses aimed at improving and developing the quality of the Company’s products or services.
  • (3)The performance of maintenance and support for products and services sold to customers by the Company.
  • (4)The provision of information concerning new products and services and various sales campaigns to customers.
  • (5)Other business purposes of the Company.
  • (6)The execution of joint projects between the Company and its group companies for any of the purposes listed above.
The Company manages personal information provided by customers appropriately.
The Company does not provide or disclose this information to third parties without the consent of the customer.
The Company may,however, supply third parties with the provided personal information in the following cases.
  • (1) To jointly use information with the Company’s group companies for purposes within the range of objectives specified by the Company.
  • (2) When tasks are out-sourced in order to complete the objectives specified by the Company.
  • (3) When there are legal grounds for its use.
In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information, the Company strives to prevent and rectify instances of personal data loss, leaks,
destruction, and falsification. In keeping with this, the Company will exercise measures that include the access management of personal data,
the restriction of data transfer methods, and the prevention of illegal accesses from outside parties.
If a customer requests that his or her personal data be disclosed, modified, or deleted, or denies permission for it to be used or supplied to others,
the Company will strictly uphold the rights of the customer and take the appropriate actions.

For further information regarding the handling of customer personal information
If you have any questions regarding our policy or how customer personal information is handled, please click here.

February 29th, 2008
SET Corporation Limited
President Shuji Sato