Introduction to Offices

S.E.Technologies Limited Pinghu HQ Office  SET Precision(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd Bao'an Factory  S.E.Technologies Limited DG. Huang Jiang Factory

Description of Business

Manufacturing in China ● Actualization of special processing requirements that meet the needs of our customers

Technical Support and Assistance

Technical Support and Assistance

Failure Mode Evaluation & Analysis (FMEA)
Prior to prototype stage a dedicated Engineering Design team will be assisgned.
Team leaders will review the assenbly feasibility,
production feasibility and economic aspects and improve the design of product.
of product function, assembly feasibility,
production feasibility and economic aspects.
After the Design Review & FMEA, improvement
solution report will be provided to customer.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
During prototype stage, our project team will evaluate the DFM for all projects.
During this evaluation , we will recommend the most effective solution to the customer for modifying the product.
Additionally, our technical team will recommendIE (Industrial Engineering) concept to optimize production capability by deploying suitable manufacturing procedures.

S C M (Supply Chain Management)

  • ● Mold Making and Injection
  • ● Punch Tool Making and Punching
  • ● Surface Finishing Process
  • ● EMS Manufacturing
  • ● PWB Fabricating
  • ● Idea Design and Manufacturing Design